Founder Biography
Kapla Consulting Group was officially launched by Phanuma Kol in 2014. He is a registered building practitioner (EC-41553) with the Victorian Building Authority. He also holds degrees in Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Monash University and a Master of Engineering Structures from The University of Melbourne.

Mr Kol’s expertise in the construction industry began as a site engineer in both small and large scale projects. His extensive practical construction experience spans into numerous types of works including:

  • home renovations, buildings and retaining structures
  • formulating work method statements and quality inspection plans
  • slabs, beams, walls and footings construction
  • timber, concrete and steel installation
  • piling works including: bored, CFA and driven piles
  • stormwater drainage installation

Mr Kol’s engineering consulting expertise is numerous and diverse, ranging from small home extensions to large and complex multi-level apartments. His extensive engineering experience includes:

  • residential, commercial and industrial developments
  • conducting site inspections and dilapidations
  • static, wind, earthquake and soil loading analysis
  • timber, concrete, steel, composites and masonry design
  • stormwater drainage design

It is with this unique combination of practical construction and engineering consulting experience that he leads his team to produce high quality designs that separates us from our competitors.

Company philosophy
We are passionate about the success of your project. By developing a thorough understanding of the building structure, we work intelligently and creatively to identify structural efficiencies that deliver you the highest returns possible. We can provide professional advice on the most appropriate construction medium in order to produce buildable and cost-effective engineering designs for the project.

We work closely with the architect, builder, developer and other relevant consultants to identify potential design and construction issues. We are capable of completing many types of projects across all market sectors on both green and brownfield sites. We pride ourselves in producing superior quality engineering designs that have a high level of detail and with many section drawings. This enables clients to obtain accurate prices during tender and minimise or eliminate “requests for information” during the construction phase.

Purpose and Core Values
Our purpose:

  • To deliver engineering with world class quality and service
  • To positively impact our community and make the world a better place

Our core values:

  • People: we treat our team members, clients and stakeholders with value and respect
  • Integrity: being committed to fairness, ethics and honesty in everything we do at all times.
  • Excellence: going above and beyond expectations