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Stormwater Drainage Design

Kapla Consulting Group is a provider of civil engineering services.  We are highly experienced in stormwater drainage designs for a variety of developments including houses, multi-level apartments and industrial warehouses.

Stormwater drainage systems are designed to convey and discharge rainwater offsite into the local council’s stormwater system via a series of drainage pits and pipes. We can provide an effective, practical and detailed storm water drainage design that meets your architectural designs and site conditions.

As part of our specialised service we will liaise with the relevant council on your behalf to obtain the “legal point of discharge” document prior to design.  We then work collaboratively with the council to meet their requirements and obtain fast approval of the civil designs. We also provide the certificate of compliance for the civil design upon request.

We also have significant experience in water retention and detention systems and pump system design.

We have a dedicated team with a strong commitment to feasible and commercially viable civil engineering solutions to better service our clients.