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Water Detention & Retention Systems

Depending on the building classification, certain local councils will require either detention and/or retention systems to meet planning permit conditions as well as environmental sustainability targets.

Detention systems are designed to reduce the stormwater outflow rate offsite to ensure that overall offsite discharge rates do not exceed the limit set by the council, typically predevelopment level. The system could incorporate water tanks, detention pipes and an orifice control device that has been expertly designed to reduce loading into the council stormwater network.

Retention systems are designed to retain a certain specified volume of stormwater onsite for re-use in toilet flushing and irrigation. We can provide storage solutions that can satisfy virtually any volume of storage. Our designs can include either above or below-ground tanks depending on the site conditions.

At Kapla Consulting Group, we can design water detention and retention systems as part of the civil design.  We also offer dual purpose systems which incorporate detention and retention within one system for greater design efficiency, where appropriate. Our solutions will ensure that you meet all planning permit conditions and environmental sustainability targets.