Large Multi-level Developments

If you need engineering for large multi-level developments, Kapla Consulting Group can help. Our team members have engineered numerous major developments including:

  • large multi-level apartments with double storey basements and carstacker pits,
  • commercial developments,
  • community developments, and
  • mixed-use developments

As an innovative consultancy, we can engineer the most architecturally demanding buildings using the latest construction mediums that can provide considerable time and cost efficiencies during the construction phase. In our projects we can specify permanent insitu formwork systems such as AFS, Technikform, Dimcell etc; in lieu of the traditional concrete wall construction method. This can offer the following benefits: reduction in labour for tying steel due to the holes within the studs, elimination of the wasteful and time consuming formwork stripping and the elimination of the concrete surface finishing required in the traditional method.

We can specify concrete mixes such as Helix, that contains steel fibres, to minimise (or in some cases eliminate) the amount of steel, time and labour required for steelfixing.

We can also specify permanent slab formwork systems such as bondek, condek, truedek etc according to the specific needs of your project.

And to further reduce the building cost we can, where possible, design walls above slabs to support the slab (i.e upstand bondwalls). This reduces slab spans which in turn reduces the slab thickness and therefore reducing the quantity of concrete and steel. This will reduce the overall cost of your building project and it is a methodology that very few engineering consultancies have the confidence to adopt despite the cost saving it provides to your project.

At Kapla Consulting Group, we keep in line with the latest construction trends and we take great pride in providing buildable and efficient engineering to contribute to the success of your project.